New York Executive Law Section 981 - Program implementation.

981. Program implementation. 1. On or before September first, nineteen hundred eighty-nine and every September first thereafter, each state agency administratively responsible for workforce preparation activities shall prepare a separate program plan for each workforce preparation program that such agency administers. Each plan shall include a description of proposed program activities, a description of a mechanism for funding distribution, program objectives, population to be served, institutions eligible to receive funds, and a description of the coordination and linkages between this program and other program activities funded separately. Such plan shall also include an evaluation component as part of the implementation of each program which shall describe how the agency will monitor the delivery of services under the program and which shall set forth the measure of effectiveness of the services being provided.

2. Program plans shall be submitted to the job training coordinating council, as defined in subdivision two of section nine hundred seventy-one of this chapter, the speaker of the assembly, the temporary president of the senate, and the chair of the legislative commission on skills development and career education for review and comment.

3. The provisions of this section shall not exempt any agency from requirements relating to the preparation and submission of program plans pursuant to any other provision of law.

Last modified: February 3, 2019