New York Financial Services Law Section 102 - Department of financial services.

102. Department of financial services. The legislature hereby declares that the purpose of this chapter is to consolidate the departments of insurance and banking, and provide for the enforcement of the insurance, banking and financial services laws, under the auspices of a single state agency to be known as the "department of financial services" and to accomplish goals including the following:

(a) To encourage, promote and assist banking, insurance and other financial services institutions to effectively and productively locate, operate, employ, grow, remain, and expand in New York state;

(b) To establish a modern system of regulation, rule making and adjudication that is responsive to the needs of the banking and insurance industries and to the needs of the state's consumers and residents;

(c) To provide for the effective and efficient enforcement of the banking and insurance laws;

(d) To expand the attractiveness and competitiveness of the state charter for banking institutions and to promote the conversion of banks to such status;

(e) To promote and provide for the continued, effective state regulation of the insurance industry;

(f) To provide for the regulation of new financial services products;

(g) To promote the prudent and continued availability of credit, insurance and financial products and services at affordable costs to New York citizens, businesses and consumers;

(h) To promote, advance and spur economic development and job creation in New York;

(i) To ensure the continued safety and soundness of New York's banking, insurance and financial services industries, as well as the prudent conduct of the providers of financial products and services, through responsible regulation and supervision;

(j) To protect the public interest and the interests of depositors, creditors, policyholders, underwriters, shareholders and stockholders;

(k) To promote the reduction and elimination of fraud, criminal abuse and unethical conduct by, and with respect to, banking, insurance and other financial services institutions and their customers; and

(l) To educate and protect users of banking, insurance, and financial services products and services through the provision of timely and understandable information.

Last modified: February 3, 2019