New York General Associations Law Section 19 - Service of process.

19. Service of process. Service of process against an association upon the secretary of state shall be made by personally delivering to and leaving with him or a deputy secretary of state or an associate attorney, senior attorney or attorney in the corporation division of the department of state, duplicate copies of such process at the office of the department of state in the city of Albany. At the time of such service the plaintiff shall pay a fee of forty dollars to the secretary of state which shall be a taxable disbursement. If the cost of registered mail for transmitting a copy of the process shall exceed two dollars, an additional fee equal to such excess shall be paid at the time of the service of such process. The secretary of state shall forthwith send by registered mail one of such copies to the association at the address fixed for that purpose, as herein provided. If the action or proceeding is instituted in a court of limited jurisdiction, service of process may be made in the manner provided in this section if the cause of action arose within the territorial jurisdiction of the court and the office of the defendant, as set forth in its statement filed pursuant to section eighteen of this chapter, is within such territorial jurisdiction.

Last modified: February 3, 2019