New York General Business Law Section 778-AA - Home heating system conversion.

778-aa. Home heating system conversion. 1. All home improvement contractors as defined in subdivision five of section seven hundred seventy of this chapter or any other person providing an estimate or engaged in the installation of home heating systems shall include in any estimate of the cost of converting an existing oil home heating system to either a natural gas or electric home heating system a separate estimate detailing the costs related to the closure, abandonment and/or removal of a home heating oil storage tank. In addition, any person making such estimate shall also provide a copy of any applicable local law, or if there is no local law then such person shall provide a written statement to that effect.

2. Every estimate of the cost to secure a storage tank as part of a home heating system conversion shall include the removal of all fill and vent pipes and such other related materials and/or equipment.

Last modified: February 3, 2019