New York General Business Law Article 6-B - SALE OF GOODS PRODUCED WITH CHILD LABOR

  • 69-a - Sale of Goods Produced With Child Labor.
    No goods, wares, or merchandise, manufactured or produced in or for a factory or by industrial homework or produced or mined in a mine or...
  • 69-b - Definitions.
    For the purposes of this article: 1. The term "child labor" shall be defined as employment of persons under sixteen years of age. 2. The...
  • 69-c - Violations.
    A violation of the provisions of this article shall constitute a misdemeanor.
  • 69-d - Saving Clause With Respect to Other Laws.
    Nothing in this article shall be deemed to modify, alter, repeal or amend any provision affecting terms, requirements, conditions, hours or wages of employment, or...

Last modified: February 3, 2019