• 60 - Supervision of Plastering by Building Department.
    The building department of every city of the first class shall have jurisdiction over all plastering except where it conflicts with the duties of any...
  • 61 - Three Coat Work Required on Lath.
    All plastering in tenements, apartments, hospitals, schools and other public buildings when on lath shall be known as three coat work, namely, scratch coat, brown...
  • 62 - Key Space.
    All ceilings, stud partitions and furred walls in tenements, apartments, hospitals, schools, and other public buildings where plastered with lime on wood lath shall have...
  • 63 - First Coat or Scratch Coat.
    First or scratch coat shall be of first quality to be scratched thoroughly to make a key to retain second coat; and shall be thoroughly...
  • 64 - Second Coat.
    Second coat or brown mortar shall be of first quality. All browning must be straight, true with no unevenness or irregularity of surface.
  • 65 - Finishing.
    When white mortar, or any other material of a like character is used for finish coat, it shall be laid on regular and troweled to...
  • 66 - Cornices or Coves.
    All cornices or coves shall be run straight, true and smooth.
  • 67 - Patent Plasters.
    When patent plasters, such as ivory, acme, windsor, et cetera, are used, lathing, if of wood lath, shall not be less than one-quarter inch key...
  • 68 - Enacted Without Section Heading
    68. Nothing in this article contained shall affect the multiple dwelling law and the enforcement of the provisions thereof by the city of New York.

Last modified: February 3, 2019