New York Highway Law Section 54-A - Reestablishment of approaches to private lands.

54-a. Reestablishment of approaches to private lands. In the construction and reconstruction of any highway on the state's system where a substantial change in the existing grade of the highway is made, such change making necessary the reestablishment of an existing entrance or approach to private lands, the commissioner of transportation may, upon the request of the abutting property owner affected, cause the reestablishment of the entrance, approach or driveway to be adjusted to the new highway grade and the cost thereof shall be a state charge payable from any money available for the construction or reconstruction of state highways. In such adjustment the details of the work shall be as determined by the commissioner of transportation. The state shall not be liable for the maintenance of such adjusted and reestablished approaches or driveways beyond the outside edge of the road shoulder nor shall it be liable for damages in connection therewith after the completion of such adjustment work.

Last modified: February 3, 2019