New York Insurance Section 9107 - Fees.

9107. Fees. (a) In addition to any other fees provided for by law, the following shall be due and payable to the superintendent:

(1) for the initial filing by a domestic corporation of its declaration and charter, thirty dollars;

(2) for filing by a foreign or alien insurer of a certified copy of its charter incident to the issuance of a license, thirty dollars;

(3) for initial issuance of a license or filing amendments to charter of domestic insurance corporations, ten dollars;

(4) for each certificate of deposit, valuation, compliance, or other certificate, five dollars;

(5) for copying official records other than annual statements of authorized insurers, ten cents per hundred words; and

(6) for copying annual statements compiled by authorized insurers, fifty cents per page.

(b) The superintendent may in cases he deems proper remit by official order any of the fees provided for in paragraphs four, five and six of subsection (a) hereof.

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Last modified: September 11, 2016