New York Judiciary Law Section 790 - Clerk to make schedule of fines imposed.

790. Clerk to make schedule of fines imposed. Where a fine has been imposed by a court of record, upon a grand or trial juror, or upon any officer or other person, without being accompanied with an order for the immediate commitment of the person so fined, until the fine is paid, the clerk of the court, immediately after the close of the term at which the fine was imposed, must prepare a schedule, containing, in separate columns, the following matters:

1. The name of each person fined.

2. His place of residence, where it appears, from the papers on file or before the court, to be within the county.

3. The amount of the fine imposed upon him.

4. The cause for which the fine was imposed.

The clerk must subjoin to the schedule a certificate, to the effect, that it contains a true abstract of the orders imposing fines, and must annex it to the warrant specified in the next section.

Last modified: February 3, 2019