New York Legislative Law Section 4 - Contempts of either house.

4. Contempts of either house. Each house may punish by imprisonment not extending beyond the same session of the legislature, as for a contempt, for the following offenses only:

1. Arresting a member or officer of either house in violation of his privilege from arrest;

2. Disorderly conduct of its members, officers or others in the immediate view and presence of the house, tending to interrupt its proceedings;

3. The publication of a false and malicious report of its proceedings, or of the conduct of a member in his legislative capacity;

4. Giving or offering a bribe to a member, or attempting, by menace or other corrupt means, directly or indirectly, to influence a member in giving or withholding his vote, or in not attending meetings of the house of which he is a member;

5. Neglect to attend or to be examined as a witness before the house or committee thereof, or upon reasonable notice to produce any material books, papers, or documents, when duly required to give testimony or to produce such books, papers or documents in a legislative proceeding, inquiry or investigation.

Last modified: February 3, 2019