New York Public Health Law Section 2992 - Special proceeding authorized.

2992. Special proceeding authorized. The health care provider, the conservator for, or committee of the principal, members of the principal's family, a close friend of the principal as defined in subdivision five of section two thousand nine hundred sixty-one of this chapter, or the commissioner of health, mental health, or developmental disabilities may commence a special proceeding pursuant to article four of the civil practice law and rules, in a court of competent jurisdiction, with respect to any dispute arising under this article, including, but not limited to, a proceeding to:

1. determine the validity of the health care proxy;

2. have the agent removed on the ground that the agent (a) is not reasonably available, willing and competent to fulfill his or her obligations under this article; (b) is acting in bad faith; or (c) is the subject of an order of protection protecting the principal or has been arrested or charged for a criminal act that allegedly caused the principal's lack of capacity or substantially injured or impaired the health status of the principal, provided that the application of this provision in a particular case may be waived or modified in the interest of justice; or

3. override the agent's decision about health care treatment on the grounds that: (a) the decision was made in bad faith or (b) the decision is not in accordance with the standards set forth in subdivision one or two of section two thousand nine hundred eighty-two of this article.

Last modified: February 3, 2019