New York Public Lands Law Section 138 - When attorney-general may maintain action.

138. When attorney-general may maintain action. The attorney-general may maintain an action to vacate or annul letters-patent, granted by the people of the state, in either of the following cases:

1. Where they were obtained by means of a fraudulent suggestion, or concealment of a material fact, made by, or with the knowledge or consent of, the person to whom they were issued.

2. Where they were issued in ignorance of a material fact, or through mistake.

3. Where the patentee, or those claiming under him, have done or admitted an act, in violation of the terms and conditions upon which the letters-patent were granted, or have, by any other means, forfeited the interest acquired under the same.

Whenever the attorney-general has good reason to believe that any act or omission, specified in this section, can be proved, and that the person to be made defendant has no sufficient legal defence, he must commence such an action.

Last modified: February 3, 2019