New York Railroad Law Section 241 - Penalty for violation of two preceding sections.

241. Penalty for violation of two preceding sections. Any elevated railroad corporation that shall fail or neglect to comply with or enforce the provisions of the two preceding sections, shall upon the petition of any citizen to any court of record, and upon due notice to such corporation, and proof of such failure or neglect, pay to the clerk of the court wherein such petition was made, a sum not less than two hundred and fifty nor more than one thousand dollars, as such court may direct by its order. The sum so ordered to be paid shall be paid by such clerk of the court to the county treasurer, and shall be distributed by such treasurer equally among the public hospitals of the county in which the proceeding is had, at such time as the board of supervisors or board of aldermen in any such county shall direct. Nothing in this section shall relieve elevated railroad corporations from any liability under which they may now be held by existing laws for damages to persons or property.

Last modified: February 3, 2019