New York Real Property Tax Law Section 576 - Assessment under cooperative agreements.

576. Assessment under cooperative agreements. 1. A person may be appointed to and hold the office of assessor in more than one city, town, village or combination thereof pursuant to municipal cooperative agreements entered into in accordance with article five-g of the general municipal law or any other similar authorization of law.

2. The commissioner shall advise and assist localities in the development of plans for cooperative action.

3. Whenever a person is assessor of more than one city, town or village or combination thereof, the cost of travel and other actual and necessary expenses incurred by such assessor in attending courses of training and education as may be required by law shall be shared by the city or town or combination thereof in which he is the assessor or for which he has been appointed as assessor for the forthcoming term in proportion to their taxable full values unless otherwise apportioned by agreement between such cities and towns.

Last modified: February 3, 2019