New York State Technology Law Section 101 - Definitions.

101. Definitions. As used in this article the following terms shall mean:

1. "Council" means the advisory council for technology.

2. "Director" means the director of the office.

3. "Office" means the office of information technology services.

4. "State agency" means any department, board, bureau, commission, division, office, council, committee or officer of the state. Such term shall not include the legislature or judiciary.

5. "Technology" means a good, service, or good and service that results in a digital, electronic or similar technical method of achieving a practical purpose or in improvements in productivity, including but not limited to information management, equipment, software, operating systems, interface systems, interconnected systems, telecommunications, data management, networks, and network management, consulting, supplies, facilities, maintenance and training.

Last modified: February 3, 2019