New York State Technology Law Section 202 - Definitions.

202. Definitions. As used in this article, the following terms shall have the following meanings:

1. "Collect" shall mean to store information, including via cookie technology, for purposes of retrieval at a later time to initiate communication with or make determinations about the person who is the subject of such information.

2. "Disclose" shall mean to reveal, release, transfer, disseminate or otherwise communicate information orally, in writing or by electronic or other means, other than to the person who is the subject of such information.

3. "Internet" shall mean a system of linked computer networks, international in scope, that facilitate data transmission and exchange.

4. "Office" shall mean the state office of information technology services.

5. "Personal information" shall mean any information concerning a natural person which, because of name, number, symbol, mark or other identifier, can be used to identify that natural person.

6. "State agency" shall have the same meaning as the meaning given to "agency" under subdivision one of section ninety-two of the public officers law.

7. "State agency website" shall mean an internet website operated by or for a state agency. Such term shall include those websites operated on behalf of state agencies by other public or private entities, but shall not include any portions of the internet outside the control of the state agency.

8. "User" shall mean any natural person who uses the internet to access a state agency website.

Last modified: February 3, 2019