New York Town Law Section 189-F - Powers of board of commissioners.

189-f. Powers of board of commissioners. The board of commissioners shall have and exercise, with respect to such district, the applicable powers and duties of a board of fire district commissioners as prescribed by the town law, with respect to similar functions of a fire district in a town and all of the provisions of article eleven of this chapter shall be applicable to a joint fire district created pursuant to this article. Such powers and duties of the board of district commissioners are subject to the following restriction:

No real property or easement therein shall be acquired by the board of commissioners without the approval of the village board or boards and the town board or boards of each village or town in which any portion of the district is situated. But this restriction shall not apply if, at the meeting for the establishment of any such district hereafter established, a resolution to that effect is adopted in the same manner as the resolution for the establishment of the district is adopted.

Last modified: February 3, 2019