New York Transportation Corporations Law Section 112 - Service to be furnished upon application.

112. Service to be furnished upon application. A district steam corporation, upon the application in writing of the owner or occupant of any building or premises, within one hundred feet of any street main laid down by any such corporation, and payment by him of all money due from him to it such corporation shall supply steam as may be required for heating such building or premises, notwithstanding there may be rent or compensation in arrears for steam supplied, or for meter, pipe or fittings furnished to a former occupant thereof, unless such owner or occupant shall have undertaken or agreed with the former occupant to pay or to exonerate him from the payment of such arrears, and shall refuse or neglect to pay the same. If, for the space of twenty days after such application, and the deposit, if required, of a reasonable sum to cover the cost of connection and two months' steam supply, the corporation shall refuse or neglect to supply steam as required, it shall forfeit to such applicant the sum of ten dollars and the further sum of five dollars for every day thereafter during which such refusal or neglect shall continue. No such corporation shall be required to lay a service pipe for the purpose of supplying steam to any applicant when the ground in which such pipe is required to be laid is frozen, or otherwise presents serious obstacles to laying the same, nor unless the applicant, if required, shall deposit in advance with the corporation a sum of money sufficient to pay for two months' steam supply and the cost of the necessary connections and of the erection of a meter and such other special apparatus as are required for use in connection with such steam supply, and provide the space and right of way necessary for the erection, maintenance and use of such connections and apparatus, and signify his assent in writing to the reasonable regulations of the corporation with reference to the supply of steam to consumers. For the purposes of this section, a district steam corporation shall not include a non-profit cooperative corporation organized under the cooperative corporations law to make or produce and distribute steam solely for the use of its members.

Last modified: February 3, 2019