New York Transportation Law Section 98 - Tariff schedules; publication.

98. Tariff schedules; publication. Every common carrier shall file with the commissioner and shall print and keep open to public inspection schedules showing the rates, fares and charges for the transportation of passengers and property within the state between each point upon its route and all other points thereon; and between each point upon its route and all points upon every route leased, operated or controlled by it; and between each point on its route or upon any route leased, operated or controlled by it and all points upon the route of any other common carrier, whenever a through route and joint rate shall have been established or ordered between any two such points. If no joint rate over a through route has been established, the several carriers in such through route shall file, print and keep open to public inspection, as aforesaid, the separately established rates, fares and charges applied to the through transportation. The schedules printed as aforesaid shall plainly state the places between which property and passengers will be carried, and shall also contain the classification of passengers or property in force, and shall also state separately all terminal charges, storage charges, icing charges, and all other charges which the commissioner may require to be stated, all privileges or facilities granted or allowed, and any rules or regulations which may in anywise change, affect or determine any part, or the aggregate of, such aforesaid rates, fares and charges, or the value of the service rendered to the passenger, shipper or consignee. Such schedules shall be plainly printed in large type, and a copy thereof shall be kept by every such carrier readily accessible to and for convenient inspection by the public in every station or office of such carrier where passengers or property are respectively received for transportation, when such station or office is in charge of an agent, and in every station or office of such carrier where passenger tickets for transportation or tickets covering sleeping or parlor car or other train accommodation are sold or bills of lading or receipts for property are issued. All or any of such schedules kept as aforesaid shall be immediately produced by such carrier for inspection upon the demand of any person. A notice printed in bold type and stating that such schedules are on file with the agent and open to inspection by any person and that the agent will assist any such person to determine from such schedules any transportation rates or fares or rules or regulations which are in force shall be kept posted by the carrier in two public and conspicuous places in every such station or office. The form of every such schedule shall be prescribed by the commissioner and shall conform in the case of railroad company as nearly as may be to the form of schedule required by the United States department of transportation under the act of congress entitled "An act to regulate commerce," approved February fourth, eighteen hundred and eighty-seven and the acts amendatory thereof and supplementary thereto. The commissioner shall have power, from time to time, in his discretion, to determine and prescribe by order such changes in the form of such schedules as may be found expedient, and to modify the requirements of this section in respect to publishing, posting and filing of schedules either in particular instances or by general order applicable to special or peculiar circumstances or conditions.

Last modified: February 3, 2019