New York Vehicle & Traffic Law Section 404-R - Distinctive "foreign organization" license plates.

* 404-r. Distinctive "foreign organization" license plates. 1. The commissioner may issue special number plates bearing the words "foreign organization" to applicants of a foreign organization recognized by the United States. Applications for said license plate shall be filed with the commissioner in said form and detail as the commissioner shall prescribe.

2. The distinctive plate authorized herein shall be issued upon proof, satisfactory to the commissioner, that the applicant is an entity of a foreign government recognized by the United States before January first, nineteen hundred seventy-nine without diplomatic relations with the United States. Such plates may be issued for passenger vehicles and light commercial motor vehicles with a manufacturers rated carrying capacity of one ton or less.

3. A distinctive plate issued pursuant to this section shall be issued in the same manner as other number plates upon payment of the regular registration fee prescribed by section four hundred one of this article provided, however, that an additional annual service charge of thirty dollars shall be charged for such plate.

4. Nothing contained herein shall require the issuance of a special number plate under this section unless the commissioner is satisfied that the aggregate amount of annual service charges collected pursuant to subdivision three of this section will be sufficient to recover the costs of the design and manufacture of such special number plates.

* NB There are 2 404-r's

Last modified: February 3, 2019