New York Volunteer Firefighters' Benefit Law Section 50 - Payments pending controversies.

50. Payments pending controversies. In order that the benefits to be paid and provided under this chapter shall be paid promptly where such benefits are conceded to be due to any person because of the death of or injuries to a volunteer fireman, but controversy exists as to which political subdivision is liable for the payment thereof, the municipal corporations and fire districts involved in such controversy and their insurance carriers, if any, may agree that any one or more of such municipal corpoations or fire districts or its insurance carrier shall pay or provide the benefits to, or in relation to, the person conceded to be entitled to such benefits without waiting for a final determination of the controversy, and may carry out the provisions of such an agreement. Notwithstanding any such payment, any party to the agreement may seek a final determination of the controversy in the same manner as if such benefits had not been paid or provided and any such payment or provision of benefits shall not prejudice any rights of the political subdivision or its insurance carrier paying or providing the same, nor be taken as an admission against interest. After a final determination the parties to the agreement shall make any necessary and proper reimbursement to conform to the determination.

Last modified: February 3, 2019