North Carolina General Statutes § 1-297 Judgment on appeal and on undertakings; restitution

Upon an appeal from a judgment or order, the appellate court may reverse, affirm or modify the judgment or order appealed from, in the respect mentioned in the notice of appeal, and as to any or all of the parties, and may, if necessary or proper, order a new trial. When the judgment is reversed or modified, the appellate court may make complete restitution of all property and rights lost by the erroneous judgment. Undertakings for the prosecution of appeals and on writs of certiorari shall make a part of the record sent up to the appellate division on which judgment may be entered against the appellant or person prosecuting the writ of certiorari and his sureties, in all cases where judgment is rendered against the appellant or person prosecuting the writ. (1785, c. 233, s. 2, P.R.; 1810, c. 793, P.R.; 1831, c. 46, s. 2; R.C., c. 4, s. 10; C.C.P., s. 314; Code, s. 563; Rev., s. 605; C.S., s. 658; 1969, c. 44, s. 10.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014