North Carolina General Statutes § 1-319 Procedure on giving bond; subsequent levies

When the forthcoming bond is taken the officer must specify therein the property levied upon and furnished to the surety a list of the property in writing under his hand, attested by at least one credible witness, and stating therein the day of sale. The property levied upon is deemed in the custody of the surety, as the bailee of the officer. All other executions thereafter levied on this property create a lien on the same from and after the respective levies, and shall be satisfied accordingly out of the proceeds of the sale of the  property; but the officer thereafter levying shall not take the property out of the custody of the surety. But in all such cases sales of chattels shall take place within thirty days after the first levy; and if sale is not made within that time any other officer who has levied upon the property may seize and sell it. (1844, c. 34; 1846, c. 50; R.C., c. 45, s. 22; Code, s. 464; Rev., s. 634; C.S., s. 682.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014