North Carolina General Statutes § 1-324.6 Proceedings when custodian of corporate books is a nonresident

When the clerk, cashier, or other officer of any corporation incorporated under the laws of this State, who has the custody of the stock-registry books, is a nonresident of the State, it is the duty of the sheriff receiving a writ of execution issued out of any court of this State against the goods and chattels of a defendant in execution holding stock in such company to send by mail a notice in writing, directed to the nonresident clerk, cashier, or other officer at the post office nearest his reputed place of residence, stating in the notice that he, the sheriff, holds the writ of execution, and out of what court, at whose suit, for what amount, and against whose goods and chattels the writ has been issued, and that by virtue of such writ he seizes and levies upon all the shares of stock of the company held by the defendant in execution on the day of the date of such written notice. It is also the duty of the sheriff on the day of mailing the notice to affix and set upon any office or place of business of such company, within his county, a like notice in writing, and on the same  day to serve like notice in writing upon the president and directors of the company, or upon such of them as reside in his county, either personally or by leaving the same at their respective places of abode. The sending, setting up, and serving of such notices in the manner aforesaid constitute a valid levy of the writ upon all shares of stock in such company held by the defendant in execution, which have not at the time of the receipt of the notice by the clerk, cashier, or other  officer, who has custody of the stock-registry books, been actually transferred by the defendant, and thereafter any transfer or sale of such shares by the defendant in execution is void as against the plaintiff in the execution, or any purchaser of such stock at any sale thereunder. (1901, c. 2, s. 71; Rev., s. 1217; C.S., s. 1206; 1955, c. 1371, s. 2.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014