North Carolina General Statutes § 1-356 Examination of parties and witnesses

On examination under this Article either party may examine  witnesses in his behalf, and the judgment debtor may be examined in the same manner as a witness; and the party or witnesses may be required to appear before the court or judge, or a referee appointed by either, and testify on any proceedings under this Article in the same manner as upon the trial of an issue. If before a referee, the examination shall be taken by the referee, and certified to the court  or judge. All examinations and answers before a court or judge or referee under this Article must be on oath, except that when a corporation answers, the answer shall be on the oath of an officer thereof. (C.C.P., ss. 264, 267, 268; 1868-9, c. 95, s. 2; 1871-2, c. 245; Code, ss. 488 [subsec. 2], 491, 492; Rev., ss. 670, 676; C.S., s. 715.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014