North Carolina General Statutes § 1-507.9 Compensation and expenses; counsel fees

Before distribution of the assets of an insolvent corporation among the creditors or stockholders, the court shall allow a reasonable compensation to the receiver for his services, not to exceed five percent upon receipts and disbursements, and the costs and expenses of administration of his trust and of the proceedings in said court, to be first paid out of said assets. The court is authorized and empowered to allow counsel fees to an attorney serving as a receiver (in addition to the commissions allowed him as receiver as herein provided) where such attorney in behalf of the receivership renders professional services, as an attorney, which are beyond the ordinary routine of a receivership and of a type which would reasonably justify the retention of legal counsel by any such receiver not himself licensed to practice law. (1901, c. 2, s. 88; Rev., s. 1226; C.S., s. 1215; 1955, c. 1371, s. 2; 1967, c. 32.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014