North Carolina General Statutes § 100-16 Private operation of toll roads or bridges in public parks prohibited

No person, firm or corporation shall have the right or privilege to privately operate any toll road or toll bridge in this State upon lands belonging to the State, set apart or designated as a public park.

In the event any such toll road or bridge is on March 17, 1939 being privately operated under any real or assumed right, privilege, or lease, the State institution or department having such state-owned property in charge or under its supervision shall immediately give notice to such person, firm or corporation so operating such toll road or toll bridge to discontinue the operation of the same.

Any person, firm or corporation who sustains any legal damage by reason of the exercise of the authority hereinbefore granted shall be  entitled to just compensation therefor, and, in the event satisfactory settlement cannot be made with the department or State agency exercising the authority herein contained, the amount of just compensation may be determined by a special proceeding instituted by the claimant against the department or agency having such property in custody under the provisions of the Chapter on Eminent Domain, insofar as the same may be applicable hereto: Provided, such proceedings shall be instituted within six months from the time such notice is given. Any compensation awarded shall be a valid claim against the State of North Carolina, payable out of the funds of the department or State agency having such property in charge. (1939, c. 127.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014