North Carolina General Statutes § 106-168.8 Minimum standards for conducting rendering operations

The following minimum standards shall be required for all rendering operations subject to the provisions of this Article:

(1)        Buildings utilized in connection with the rendering plant shall be of sufficient size and shape to accommodate all phases of actual or intended processing. Adequate partitions shall be installed therein so as to eliminate any contact between raw materials and finished products and so as to preclude contamination of finished products. The buildings shall be constructed in a manner and of materials which will insure adequate drainage and sanitation in all phases of operation.

(2)        Raw material upon arrival at the rendering plant shall be unloaded into a building for processing. All raw material shall be processed by approved methods within 24 hours after delivery to the rendering plant.

(3)        Processing equipment shall be airtight, except for proper escapes for vapors caused by the cooking process.

(4)        Cooking vapors shall be controlled and disposed of by approved methods.

(5)        Vehicles used to transport raw material shall be so constructed as to prevent any drippings or seepings from such material from escaping from the truck. Such vehicles shall have body sides of sufficient height that no portion of any raw material transported therein shall be visible. All vehicles shall be provided with suitable top or covering to prevent the spread of disease by flies or other agents during the transportation of raw material.

(6)        All vehicles and containers used in transporting raw material shall be disinfected at the earliest practicable time after unloading, and shall, in any event, be disinfected before again being taken upon a public highway or before leaving the rendering plant. Approved facilities and materials for disinfection shall be carried on vehicles transporting carcasses. Employees shall be required to wear rubber boots which shall be disinfected prior to entry to a farm.

(7)        Approved facilities, means and methods for disinfection shall be available at the rendering plant at all times. Employees and employees' clothing coming in contact with raw material shall be disinfected before coming in contact with any finished products, or any portion of the plant in which the same are located. Rodent and fly control measures shall be practiced as a further means of prevention of the spread of disease.

(8)        Proof of general liability insurance of one million dollars ($1,000,000) shall be made in a manner satisfactory to the Commissioner.  (1953, c. 732; 2012-127, s. 4.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014