North Carolina General Statutes § 106-245.14 Definitions

The following words, terms, and phrases shall be construed for the purpose of this Article as follows:

(1)        "Authorized representative" means the Commissioner or any duly authorized agent or employee who is assigned to carry out the provisions of this Article.

(2)        "Candling and grading" means selecting eggs as to their conformity to the standards of quality and size or weight class preparatory to marketing them as a specific grade and size or weight class.

(3)        "Commissioner" means the North Carolina Commissioner of Agriculture.

(4)        "Consumer" means any person who purchases eggs for his or her use or his or her own family use or consumption and not for resale.

(5)        "Container" means any box, case, basket, carton, sack, bag, or other receptacle containing eggs. "Subcontainer" means any container used within another container.

(6)        "Distributor" means any person, producer, firm or corporation offering for sale or distributing eggs in the State to a retailer, cafe, restaurant, or any other establishment offering for sale to consumers, including but not limited to institutional consumers as defined in this Article. Distributors also shall include any person, producer, firm or corporation distributing eggs to his or its own retail outlets or stores but shall not include any person, firm or corporation engaged only to haul or transport eggs.

(7)        "Eggs" means product of a domesticated chicken in the shell or as further processed egg products.

(8)        "Facilities" means any room, compartment, refrigerator or vehicle used in handling eggs in any manner.

(9)        "Grades" shall mean and include specifications defining the limit of variation in quality of two or more eggs.

(10)      "Institutional consumer" means a restaurant, hotel, licensed boarding house, commercial bakery or any other institution in which eggs are prepared as food for use by its patrons, residents or patients.

(11)      "Law" means the provisions of this Article and all rules and regulations issued hereunder.

(12)      "Lots" means a physical grouping of eggs or containers with eggs therein, as determined by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

(13)      "Marketing of eggs" or "market" means the sale, offer for sale, gift, barter, exchange, advertising, branding, marking, labeling, grading, or other preparatory operation or distribution in any manner of eggs or containers of eggs as defined in this Article.

(14)      "Packer" means any person that is engaged in grading, shell treating or packing eggs for sale to consumers, direct or through distribution outlets of stores.

(15)      "Person" means and includes any individual, producer, firm, partnership, exchange, association, trustee, receiver, corporation, or any other business organization and any member, officer, or employee thereof.

(16)      "Retailer" means any person who markets eggs to consumers.

(17)      "Size or weight class" means a classification of eggs based on weight at the rate per dozen.

(18)      "Standards for quality" means specifications of the physical characteristics of any or all of the component parts or the individual egg. (1965, c. 1138, s. 1; 1997-261, s. 42.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014