North Carolina General Statutes § 106-420 Authority of Board of Agriculture to adopt regulations

The Board of Agriculture is hereby authorized to adopt reasonable regulations to implement and carry out the purposes of this Article as to eradicate, repress and prevent the spread of plant pests (i) within the State, (ii) from within the State to points outside the State, and (iii) from outside the State to points within the State. The Board of Agriculture shall adopt regulations for eradicating such plant pests as it may deem capable of being economically eradicated, for repressing such as cannot be economically eradicated, and for preventing their spread within the State. Regulations may provide for quarantine of areas. It may also adopt reasonable regulations for preventing the introduction of dangerous plant pests from without the State, and for governing common carriers in transporting plants, articles or things liable to harbor such pests into, from and within the State. The Board is authorized, in order to control plant pests, to adopt regulations governing the inspection, certification and movement of nursery stock, (i) into the State from outside the State, (ii) within the State, and (iii) from within the State to points outside the State. The Board is further authorized to prescribe and collect a schedule of fees to be collected for its nursery inspection, nursery dealer certification, narcissus bulb inspection, plant pest inspection, and plant pest certification activities. (1957, c. 985; 1991, c. 442, s. 1.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014