North Carolina General Statutes § 106-500 Additional powers of Commissioner to enforce Article

In order to enforce this Article, the Commissioner of Agriculture, upon his own motion or upon the verified complaint of any producer, shall have the following additional powers:

(1)        To inspect or investigate transactions for the sale or delivery of fruits and vegetables to persons acting as handlers; to require verified reports and accounts of all authorized handlers; to examine books, accounts, memoranda, equipment, warehouses, storage, transportation and other facilities, fruits and vegetables and other articles connected with the business of the handlers; to inquire into failure or refusal of any handlers to accept produce under his contracts and to pay for it as agreed;

(2)        To hold hearings after due notice to interested parties and opportunity to all to be heard; to administer oaths, take testimony and issue subpoenas; to require witnesses to bring with them relevant books, papers, and other evidence; to compel testimony; to make written findings of fact and on the basis of these findings to issue orders in controversies before him, and to revoke the permits of persons disobeying the terms of this Article or of rules, regulations, and orders made by the Board or the Commissioner. Any party disobeying any order or subpoena of the Commissioner shall be guilty of contempt, and shall be certified to the superior court for punishment. Any party may appeal to the superior court from any final order of the Commissioner;

(3)        To issue all such rules and regulations, with the approval of the Board, and to appoint necessary agents and to do all other lawful things necessary to carry out the purposes of this Article.

(4)        This Article will not apply to peanuts and corn grown under contract for seed purposes. (1941, c. 359, s. 5; 1971, c. 1064, ss. 5, 6.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014