North Carolina General Statutes § 106-579.3 Definitions

As used in this Article, the following words and phrases have the following meanings:

(1)        "Advertisement" means all representations disseminated in any manner or by any means, other than by labeling, for the purpose of inducing, or which are likely to induce, directly or indirectly, the purchase of antifreeze products.

(2)        "Antifreeze" means any substance or preparation sold, distributed or intended for use as the cooling liquid, or to be added to the cooling liquid, in the cooling system of internal combustion engines of motor vehicles to prevent freezing of the cooling liquid or to lower its freezing point.

(3)        "Antifreeze-coolant" or "antifreeze and summer coolant" or "summer coolant" means any substance as defined in (2) above which also is sold, distributed or intended for raising the boiling point of water or for the prevention of engine overheating whether or not used as a year-round cooling system fluid. Unless otherwise stated, the term "antifreeze"  includes "antifreeze," "antifreeze-coolant," "antifreeze and summer coolant," and "summer coolant."

(4)        "Board" means the North Carolina State Board of Agriculture,  as defined by G.S. 106-2.

(5)        "Commissioner" means the Commissioner of Agriculture of the State of North Carolina.

(6)        "Distribute" means to hold with intent to sell, offer for sale, to sell, barter or otherwise supply to the consumer.

(7)        "Home consumer-sized package" as used in G.S. 106-579.9(12) shall refer to packages of one fluid U.S. gallon or less.

(8)        "Label" means any display of written, printed, or graphic matter on, or attached to, a package, or to the outside individual container or wrapper of the package.

(9)        "Labeling" means (i) the labels and (ii) any other written, printed or graphic matter accompanying a package.

(10)      "Package" means (i) a sealed tamperproof retail package, drum, or other container designed for the sale of antifreeze directly to the consumer or (ii) a container from which the antifreeze may be installed directly by the seller into the cooling system, but does not include shipping containers containing properly labeled inner containers.

(11)      "Person," as used in this Article, shall be construed to mean both the singular and plural as the case demands, and shall include individuals, partnerships, corporations, companies and associations. (1949, c. 1165; 1975, c. 719, s. 3.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014