North Carolina General Statutes § 106-911 Annual report on wildfires

No later than October 1 of each year, beginning October 1, 2012, the Commissioner shall submit a written report on wildfires in the State to the chairs of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Natural and Economic Resources and the Senate Appropriations Committee on Natural and Economic Resources, the Joint Legislative Commission on Governmental Operations, and the Fiscal Research Division of the General Assembly. The report shall include the following information for all major or project wildfires during the prior fiscal year:

(1)        The date, location, and impacts (property damage and any casualties) from the wildfire.

(2)        The following data for firefighters and related support personnel involved in fighting the wildfire:

a.         Total overtime hours worked.

b.         Total compensation paid for overtime.

c.         The portion of compensation paid that was reimbursed to the State.

(3)        The fiscal impact of the wildfire, including total costs, reimbursable costs, and costs incurred by the State.  (2012-142, s. 11.2.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014