North Carolina General Statutes § 108C-7 Prepayment claims review

(a)        In order to ensure that claims presented by a provider for payment by the Department meet the requirements of federal and State laws and regulations and medical necessity criteria, a provider may be required to undergo prepayment claims review by the Department. Grounds for being placed on prepayment claims review shall include, but shall not be limited to, receipt by the Department of credible allegations of fraud, identification of aberrant billing practices as a result of investigations or data analysis performed by the Department or other grounds as defined by the Department in rule.

(b)        Providers shall not be entitled to payment prior to claims review by the Department. The Department shall notify the provider in writing of the decision and the process for submitting claims for prepayment claims review no less than 20 calendar days prior to instituting prepayment claims review. The notice shall contain the following:

(1)        An explanation of the Department's decision to place the provider on prepayment claims review.

(2)        A description of the review process and claims processing times.

(3)        A description of the claims subject to prepayment claims review.

(4)        A specific list of all supporting documentation that the provider will need to submit contemporaneously with the claims that will be subject to the prepayment claims review.

(5)        The process for submitting claims and supporting documentation.

(6)        The standard of evaluation used by the Department to determine when a provider's claims will no longer be subject to prepayment claims review.

(c)        For any claims in which the Department has given prior authorization, prepayment review shall not include review of the medical necessity for the approved services.

(d)       The Department shall process all clean claims submitted for prepayment review within 20 calendar days of submission by the provider. If the provider failed to provide any of the specifically requested supporting documentation necessary to process a claim pursuant to this section, the Department shall send to the provider written notification of the lacking or deficient documentation within 15 calendar days of receipt of such claim. The Department shall have an additional 20 days to process a claim upon receipt of the documentation.

(e)        The provider shall remain subject to the prepayment claims review process until the provider achieves three consecutive months with a minimum seventy percent (70%) clean claims rate. If the provider does not meet this standard within six months of being placed on prepayment claims review, the Department may implement sanctions, including termination of the applicable Medicaid Administrative Participation Agreement, or continuation of prepayment review for an additional six-month period. The Department shall give adequate advance notice of any modification, suspension, or termination of the Medicaid Administrative Participation Agreement. In no instance shall prepayment claims review continue longer than 12 months.

(f)        The decision to place or maintain a provider on prepayment claims review does not constitute a contested case under Chapter 150B of the General Statutes. A provider may not appeal or otherwise contest a decision of the Department to place a provider on prepayment review.  (2011-399, s. 1.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014