North Carolina General Statutes § 115C-351 Interstate educational personnel contracts

(a)        The designated state official of a party state may make one or more contracts on behalf of his state with one or more other party states providing for the acceptance of educational personnel. Any such contract for the period of its duration shall be applicable to and binding on the states whose designated state officials enter into it, and the subdivisions of those states, with the same force and effect as if incorporated in this agreement. A designated state official may enter into a contract pursuant to this section only with states in which he finds that there are programs of education, certification standards or other acceptable qualifications that assure preparation or qualification of educational personnel on a basis sufficiently comparable, even though not identical to that prevailing in his own state.

(b)        Any such contract shall provide for:

(1)        Its duration.

(2)        The criteria to be applied by an originating state in qualifying educational personnel for acceptance by a receiving state.

(3)        Such waivers, substitutions, and conditional acceptances as shall aid the practical effectuation of the contract without  sacrifice of basic educational standards.

(4)        Any other necessary matters.

(c)        No contract made pursuant to this agreement shall be for a term longer than five years but any such contract may be renewed for like or lesser periods.

(d)       Any contract dealing with acceptance of educational personnel on the basis of their having completed an educational program shall specify the earliest date or dates on which originating state approval of the program or programs involved can have occurred. No contract made pursuant to this agreement shall require acceptance by a receiving state of any persons qualified because of successful completion of a program prior to January 1, 1954.

(e)        The certification or other acceptance of a person who has been  accepted pursuant to the terms of a contract shall not be revoked or otherwise impaired because the contract has expired or been terminated. However, any certificate or other qualifying document may  be revoked or suspended on any ground which would be sufficient for revocation or suspension of a certificate or other qualifying document initially granted or approved in the receiving state.

(f)        A contract committee composed of the designated state officials of the contracting states or their representatives shall keep the contract under continuous review, study means of improving its administration, and report no less frequently than once a year to the  heads of the appropriate education agencies of the contracting states. (1969, c. 631, s. 1; 1981, c. 423, s. 1.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014