North Carolina General Statutes § 116-178 Trust agreement

In the discretion of the Board and subject to the approval of the Director of the Budget, each or any issue of revenue bonds may be secured by a trust agreement by and between the Board and a corporate trustee, which may be any trust company or bank having the powers of a trust company within or without the State. The resolution authorizing the issuance of the bonds or such trust agreement may pledge to the extent necessary the revenues to be received from any project or projects at any institution and from any similar existing facilities described in G.S. 116-175(4) at the same institution, in excess of amounts now charged to each occupant of such project, but shall not convey or mortgage any such project or existing facilities, and may contain such provisions for protecting and enforcing the rights and remedies of the bondholders as may be reasonable and proper and not in violation of law, including covenants setting forth the duties of the Board in relation to the acquisition or construction of such project or projects and in relation to the maintenance, repair, operation and insurance of such project or projects and such existing facilities, the fixing and revising of rentals and other charges; and, the custody, safeguarding and application of all moneys, and for the employment of consulting engineers or architects in connection with such acquisition, construction or operation. Notwithstanding the provisions of any other law the Board may carry insurance on any such project or projects in such amounts and covering such risks as it may deem advisable. It shall be lawful for any bank or trust company incorporated under the laws of the State of North Carolina which may act as depository of the proceeds of bonds or of revenues to furnish such indemnifying bonds or to pledge such securities as may be required by the Board. Such resolution or trust agreement may set forth the rights and remedies of the bondholders and of the trustees, if any, and may restrict the individual right of action by bondholders. Such resolution or trust agreement may contain such other provisions in addition to the foregoing as the Board may deem reasonable and proper for the security of the bondholders.

The Board may provide for the payment of the proceeds of the sale of the bonds and the revenues of any project or existing facilities or part thereof to such officer, board or depository as it may designate  for the custody thereof, and for the method of disbursement thereof, with such safeguards and restrictions as it may determine. All expenses incurred in carrying out the provisions of such resolution or trust agreement may be treated as a part of the cost of operation.

All pledges of revenues under the provisions of this Article shall  be valid and binding from the time when such pledges are made. All such revenues so pledged and thereafter received by the Board shall immediately be subject to the lien of such pledges without any physical delivery thereof or further action, and the lien of such pledges shall be valid and binding as against all parties having claims of any kind in tort, contract or otherwise against the Board, irrespective of whether such parties have notice thereof. (1957, c. 1131, s. 4; 1983, c. 577, s. 6.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014