North Carolina General Statutes § 116-41.1 Definitions

As used in this Part:

(1)        "Board" means the Board of Governors of the University of North Carolina;

(2)        "Construction" means acquisition, construction, provision, reconstruction, replacement, extension, improvement or betterment, or any combination thereof;

(3)        "Cost," as applied to a project, shall include the cost of construction (as herein defined), the cost of all labor, materials and equipment, the cost of all lands, property, rights and easements acquired, financing charges, interest prior to and during construction and, if deemed advisable by the Board, for one year after completion of construction, cost of plans and specifications, surveys and estimates of cost and/or revenues, cost of engineering and legal services, and all other expenses necessary or incident to such construction, administrative expense and such other expenses, including reasonable provisions for initial operating expenses necessary or incident to the financing herein authorized and a reserve for debt service, and any expense incurred by the Board in the issuance of bonds under the provisions of this Part in connection with any of the foregoing items of cost;

(4)        "Project" means any undertaking under this Part to acquire, construct or provide service and auxiliary facilities necessary or desirable for the proper and efficient operation of the University Enterprises, either as additions, extensions, improvements or betterments to the University Enterprises or otherwise, including one or more or any combination of any system, facility, plant, works, instrumentality or other property used or useful:

a.         In obtaining, conserving, treating or distributing water for domestic, industrial, sanitation, fire protection or any other public or private use;

b.         For the collection, treatment, purification or disposal of sewage, refuse or wastes;

c.         For the production, generation, transmission or distribution of gas, electricity or heat;

d.         In providing communication facilities including telephone facilities;

e.         In providing storage, service, repair and duplicating facilities;

f.          In improving, extending or adding to the University Enterprises as herein defined; and

g.         In providing other service and auxiliary facilities serving the needs of the students, the staff or the physical plant of the University; and including all plants, works, appurtenances, machinery, equipment and properties, both personal and real, used or useful in connection therewith;

            and in the case of the telephone, electric and water systems comprising a part of the University Enterprises such additions, extensions, improvements or betterments thereof as may be necessary or desirable, in the discretion of the Board, to provide service from such systems, where it may be reasonably made available, within the environs of the University, including, without limitation, areas presently served by the University Enterprises in Orange, Durham and Chatham Counties.

(5)        "Revenue bonds" or "bonds" means bonds of the University issued by the Board to pay the cost, in whole or in part, of any project pursuant to this Part and the bond resolution or resolutions of the Board; provided, however, that bonds, issued as a separate series which are stated to mature not later than 20 years from their date may be designated "revenue notes" or "notes";

(6)        "Revenues" means the income and receipts derived by or for the account of the University through the charging and collection of service charges;

(7)        "Service charges" means rates, fees, rentals or other charges for, or for the right to, the use, occupancy, services or commodities of or furnished by any project, or by any other service or auxiliary facility of the University, including the University Enterprises, any part of the income of which is pledged to the payment of the bonds or the interest thereon;

(8)        "University" means the body politic and corporate known and distinguished by the corporate name of the "University of North Carolina" under G.S. 116-3;

(9)        "University Enterprises" means the following existing facilities, systems, properties, plants, works and instrumentalities located in or near the Town of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, presently in the jurisdiction of and operated by the University; the telephone, electric, heating and water systems, the laundry, Carolina Inn, service and repair shops, the duplicating shop, bookstores and student supply stores, and rental housing properties for faculty members. (1961, c. 1078, s. 1; 1963, c. 448, s. 16; c. 944, s. 1; 1965, c. 1033, s. 1; 1971, c. 636; c. 1244, s. 16.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014