North Carolina General Statutes § 116B-1 Escheats to Escheat Fund

All real estate which has accrued to the State since June 30, 1971, or shall hereafter accrue from escheats, shall be vested in the Escheat Fund. Title to any such real property which has escheated to the Escheat Fund shall be conveyed by deed in the manner now provided by G.S. 146-74 through G.S. 146-78, except as is otherwise provided herein: Provided, that in any action in the superior court of North Carolina wherein the State Treasurer is a party, and wherein said court enters a judgment of escheat for any real property, then, upon petition of the State Treasurer in said action, said court shall have the authority to appoint the State Treasurer or his designated agent as a commissioner for the purpose of selling said real property at a public sale, for cash, at the courthouse door in the county in which the property is located, after properly advertising the sale according to law. The said commissioner, when appointed by the court, shall have the right to convey a valid title to the purchaser of the property at public sale. The funds derived from the sale of any such escheated real property by the commissioner so appointed shall thereafter be paid by him into the Escheat Fund. (Const., art. 9, s. 7; 1789, c. 306, s. 2; P.R.; R.C., c. 113, s. 11; Code, s. 2626; Rev., s. 4282; C.S., s. 5784; 1947, c. 494; 1961, c. 257; 1971, c. 1135, s. 2; 1979, 2nd Sess., c. 1311, s. 1.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014