North Carolina General Statutes § 119-26 Gasoline and Oil Inspection Board created; composition, appointment of members, etc.; expenses; powers generally; adoption of standards, etc.; sale of products not complying with standards; renaming, etc., of gasoline

In order to more fully carry out the provisions of this Article there is hereby created a Gasoline and Oil Inspection Board of five members, to be composed of the Commissioner of Agriculture, the Director of the Gasoline and Oil Inspection Division, and three members to be appointed by the Governor, who shall serve at his will. The Commissioner of Agriculture and the Director of the Gasoline and Oil Inspection Division shall serve without additional compensation. Other members of the Board shall each receive the amount provided by G.S. 138-5 for each day he attends a session of the Board and for each day necessarily spent in traveling to and from his place of residence, and he shall receive five cents (5) a mile for the distance to and from Raleigh by the usual direct route for each meeting of the Board which he attends. These expenses shall be paid from the Gasoline and Oil Inspection Fund created by this Article. The duly appointed and acting Gasoline and Oil Inspection Board shall have the power, in its discretion, after public notice and provision for the hearing of all interested parties, to adopt standards for kerosene and one or more grades of gasoline based upon scientific tests and ratings for each of the articles for which inspection is provided; to require the labeling of dispensing pumps or other dispensing devices, and to prescribe the forms therefor; to require that the label, name, or brand under which gasoline is thereafter to be sold be applied at the time of its first purchase within the State and to pass all rules and regulations necessary for enforcing the provisions of the laws relating to the transportation and inspection of petroleum products; provided, however, that the action of said Gasoline and Oil Inspection Board shall be subject to the approval of the Governor of the State; and provided further, that if the Gasoline and Oil Inspection Board should promulgate any regulation which requires that gasoline be labeled, named or branded at the time of its first sale in the State, that such regulation shall provide in addition that any subsequent owner may rename, rebrand, or relabel such gasoline if such subsequent owner first files with the Board a notice of intention to do so, said notice to contain information showing the original brand, name, label, the company or person from whom the gasoline has been or is to be purchased, the minimum specifications registered by the seller, the brand, name, or label that is to be given such gasoline and the minimum specifications of such gasoline as filed with the Board; provided, further, that no labeling, naming or branding of gasoline which may be required by the Gasoline and Oil Inspection Board under the provisions of this Article, shall be construed as permitting gasoline to become the subject of fair trade contracts, as provided in G.S. 66-52. After the adoption and publication of said standards it shall be unlawful to sell or offer for sale or exchange or use in this State any products which do not comply with the standards so adopted. The said Gasoline and Oil Inspection Board shall, from time to time after a public hearing, have the right to amend, alter, or change said standards. Three members of said Board shall constitute a quorum. (1937, c. 425, s. 9; 1941, c. 220; 1949, c. 1167; 1961, c. 961; 1969, c. 445, s. 2.)

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