North Carolina General Statutes § 120-10.6 Discovery

(a)        Depositions. - After service of the notice of intent, any party, after five days notice to the other party or parties may take depositions to sustain or invalidate the election. The contestant shall complete the taking of depositions to submit with the contestant's petition at any time within 20 days following the date of service of the notice of intent, and a contestee shall complete the taking of the contestee's depositions within 30 days following the date of service of the notice of intent on the contestee. By written stipulation of the parties, the testimony of any witness may be filed in the form of an affidavit by the witness within the same time limitations prescribed for the taking of depositions. Every deposition shall be taken before a person authorized by law to administer oaths, who shall certify and seal the deposition in the same manner as in judicial civil proceedings and file the same with the clerk.

(b)        Witnesses. - Subpoenas for witnesses in a contest shall be issued upon the application of either party or upon motion of the committee under the same procedures as under Article 5A of this Chapter and shall be enforced as provided under G.S. 120-19.4. Witnesses shall be entitled to the same allowances and privileges, and be subject to the same penalties, as witnesses summoned to attend the courts. (2005-3, s. 2.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014