North Carolina General Statutes § 120-70.101 Purpose and powers of Committee

The Joint Legislative Administrative Procedure Oversight Committee has the following powers and duties:

(1)        To review rules to which the Rules Review Commission has objected to determine if statutory changes are needed to enable the agency to fulfill the intent of the General Assembly.

(2)        To receive reports prepared by the Rules Review Commission containing the text and a summary of each rule approved by the Commission.

(3)        Repealed by Session Laws 2009-125, s. 1, effective October 1, 2009.

(3a)      To review the activities of State occupational licensing boards to determine if the boards are operating in accordance with statutory requirements and if the boards are still necessary to achieve the purposes for which they were created. This review shall not include decisions concerning board personnel matters or determinations on individual licensing applications or individual disciplinary actions.

(4)        To review State regulatory programs to determine if the programs overlap, have conflicting goals, or could be simplified and still achieve the purpose of the regulation.

(5)        To review existing rules to determine if the rules are necessary or if the rules can be streamlined.

(6)        To review the rule-making process to determine if the procedures for adopting rules give the public adequate notice of and information about proposed rules.

(7)        To review any other concerns about administrative law to determine if statutory changes are needed.

(8)        To report to the General Assembly from time to time concerning the Committee's activities and any recommendations for statutory changes.  (1995, c. 507, s. 27.8(a); 1996, 2nd Ex. Sess., c. 18, s. 7.10(h); 2009-125, s. 1; 2011-291, s. 1.3(b); 2012-187, s. 1.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014