North Carolina General Statutes § 120C-207 Lobbyist principal's fees

(a) A fee of two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00) is due and payable to the Secretary of State at the time the principal's first authorization statement is filed each calendar year for a lobbyist. Fees so collected shall be deposited in the General Fund of the State. The fees required under this section shall be paid electronically.

(b) Repealed by Session Laws 2013-360, s. 27.1(b), effective August 1, 2013. (1933, c. 11, s. 4; 1961, c. 1151; 1975, c. 820, s. 1; 1991, c. 740, s. 1.1; 2005-456, s. 1; 2006-201, s. 18; 2008-213, s. 90; 2013-360, s. 27.1(b), (f).)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014