North Carolina General Statutes § 127C-1 Commission established; purpose; transaction of business

(a) Establishment. - There is established the North Carolina Military Affairs Commission. The Commission shall be established within the Office of the Governor. The Department of Commerce is responsible for organizational, budgetary, and administrative purposes.

(b) Purpose. - The Commission shall provide advice, counsel, and recommendations to the Governor, the General Assembly, the Secretary of Commerce, and other State agencies on initiatives, programs, and legislation that will continue and increase the role that North Carolina's military installations, the National Guard, and Reserves play in America's defense strategy and the economic health and vitality of the State. The Commission is authorized to:

(1) Coordinate and provide recommendations to the Governor, General Assembly, and State agencies to protect North Carolina's military installations from encroachment or other initiatives that could result in degradation or restrictions to military operations, training ranges, or low-level routes.

(2) Cooperate with military installations to facilitate the military mission, training, and continued presence of major military installations in the State and notify the commanding military officer of a military installation and the governing body in affected counties and municipalities of any economic development or other projects that may impact military installations.

(3) Identify and support ways to provide a sound infrastructure, adequate housing and education, and transition support into North Carolina's workforce for military members and their families, military retirees, and veterans.

(4) Lead the State's initiative to prepare for the next round of Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC), as defined by the Governor and the General Assembly, with input from local military communities.

(5) Identify and support economic development organizations and initiatives that focus on leveraging the military and other business opportunities to help create jobs and expand defense and homeland security related economic development activity in North Carolina.

(6) Assist military installations located within the State by coordinating with commanders, communities, and State and federal agencies on affairs that affect military installations and may require State coordination and assistance.

(7) Support the long-term goal of a viable and prosperous military presence in the State, which shall include development of comprehensive economic impact studies of military activities in North Carolina, updated every two years with recommendations for initiatives to support this goal.

(8) Support the Army's Compatible Use Buffer Program, the Working Lands Group, and related initiatives.

(9) Adopt processes to ensure that all planning, coordination, and actions are conducted with timely consideration having been given to relevant military readiness or training concerns and with appropriate communications with all potentially affected military entities.

(10) Share information and coordinate efforts with the North Carolina congressional delegation and other federal agencies, as appropriate.

(11) Any other issue or matter that the Commission deems essential to fulfilling its purpose.

(c) Transaction of Business. - The Commission shall meet, at a minimum, at least once during each quarter and shall provide a report on military affairs to the Governor and to the General Assembly at least every six months. Prior to the start of a Regular Session of the General Assembly, the Commission shall report to the General Assembly with recommendations, if any, for legislation. Priority actions or issues may be submitted at any time. (2001-424, s. 12.1; 2013-227, s. 2.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014