North Carolina General Statutes § 128-41 Leaves of absence for municipal officials for protracted illness or other reason

Any elective or appointive municipal official may obtain leave of absence from the official's duties for protracted illness or other reason satisfactory to the governing body of the municipality, for such period as the governing body may designate. The leave shall be obtained only upon application by the official and with the consent of the governing body. The official shall receive no salary during the period of leave unless the leave of absence is granted by reason of protracted illness, in which event the granting of a leave of absence shall not deprive the official of the benefits of any sick leave to which the official may be entitled by law. The period of leave may be extended upon application to and with the approval of the governing body of the municipality if the reason for the original leave still exists, and it may be shortened if the reason shall unexpectedly terminate: Provided, that no leave or extension thereof shall operate to extend the term of office of any official beyond the period for which the official was elected or appointed. If, by reason of the length of the period of absence or the nature of the duties of the official, the governing body deems it necessary, it may appoint any qualified citizen of the municipality as a temporary replacement for the period of the official's leave of absence. This appointee shall have all the authority, duties, perquisites, and emoluments of the official temporarily replaced. The appointee shall possess all the qualifications required by law for holding the office for which the temporary replacement official is appointed. (1941, c. 121, s. 3; 2007-432, s. 4.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014