North Carolina General Statutes § 142-64 Procedure for incurrence or issuance of financing contract

(a)        When a State governmental unit (i) is implementing an energy conservation measure pursuant to G.S. 143-64.17L and financing it pursuant to this Article or (ii) has solicited a guaranteed energy conservation measure, the State governmental unit shall request that the State Treasurer approve the State governmental unit's entering into a financing contract to finance the cost of the energy conservation measure. In connection with the request, the State governmental unit shall provide to the State Treasurer any information the State Treasurer requests in order to evaluate the request. In the event that the State Treasurer determines that financing efficiencies will be realized through the combining of financing contracts, then the State Treasurer is authorized to execute and deliver, for and on behalf of the State of North Carolina, subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this Article, a financing contract for the purpose of financing the cost of the multiple energy conservation measures.

(b)        A financing contract may be entered into pursuant to this Article only after all of the following conditions are met:

(1)        The Office of State Budget and Management has certified that resources are expected to be available to the State to pay the payments to fall due under the financing contract as they become due and payable.

(2)        The Council of State has approved the execution and delivery of the financing contract by resolution that sets forth all of the following:

a.         The not-to-exceed term or final maturity of the financing contract, which shall be no later than 20 years from the date of acceptance of the project.

b.         The not-to-exceed interest rate or rates (or the equivalent thereof), which may be fixed or vary over a period of time, with respect to the financing contract.

c.         The appropriate officers of the State to execute and deliver the financing contract and all other documentation relating to it.

(3)        The State Treasurer has approved the financing contract and all other documentation related to it, including any deed of trust, security agreement, trust agreement or any credit facility.

The resolution of the Council of State shall include any other matters the Council of State considers appropriate.

(c)        In determining whether to approve a financing contract under subdivision (b)(3) of this section, the State Treasurer may consider the factors the State Treasurer considers relevant in order to find and determine all of the following:

(1)        The principal amount to be advanced to the State under the financing contract is adequate and not excessive for the purpose of paying the cost of the energy conservation measure.

(2)        The increase, if any, in State revenues necessary to pay the sums to become due under the financing contract are not excessive.

(3)        The financing contract can be entered into on terms desirable to the State.

(4)        In the case of delivery of certificates of participation, the sale of certificates of participation will not have an adverse effect upon any scheduled or proposed sale of obligations of the State or any State agency.

(d)       The Office of State Budget and Management is authorized to certify that funds are expected to be available to the State to make the payments due under a financing contract entered into under the provisions of this section as the payments become due and payable. In so certifying, the Office of State Budget and Management may take into account expected decreases in appropriations to the State governmental unit that will offset payments expected to be made under the financing contract.  (2002-161, s. 9; 2006-190, s. 7; 2011-145, s. 9.6D(g).)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014