North Carolina General Statutes § 143B-289.59 Conservation Fund; Commission may accept gifts

(a)        The Marine Fisheries Commission may accept gifts, donations, or contributions from any sources. These funds shall be held in a separate account and used solely for the purposes of marine and estuarine conservation and management. These funds shall be administered by the Marine Fisheries Commission and shall be used for marine and estuarine resources management, including education about the importance of conservation, in a manner consistent with marine and estuarine conservation management principles.

(b)        The Marine Fisheries Commission is hereby authorized to issue and sell appropriate emblems by which to identify recipients thereof as contributors to a special marine and estuarine resources Conservation Fund that shall be made available to the Marine Fisheries Commission for conservation, protection, enhancement, preservation, and perpetuation of marine and estuarine species that may be endangered or threatened with extinction and for education about these issues. The special Conservation Fund is subject to oversight of the State Auditor pursuant to Article 5A of Chapter 147 of the General Statutes. Emblems of different sizes, shapes, types, or designs may be used to recognize contributions in different amounts, but no emblem shall be issued for a contribution amounting in value to less than five dollars ($5.00). (1997-400, s. 2.1.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014