North Carolina General Statutes § 143B-370.1 Defibrillators in State buildings

(a)        Subject to the receipt of public-private funds for this purpose, the Department of Administration shall, in consultation with OEMS, AHA, and a qualified vendor/provider of AEDs and training services, develop and adopt policies and procedures relative to the placement and use of automated external defibrillators in State-owned and State-leased buildings. The Department of Administration shall also require that all State buildings, facilities, and institutions shall develop a Medical Emergency Response Plan that facilitates the following:

(1)        Effective and efficient communication throughout the State-owned and State-leased buildings.

(2)        Coordinated and practiced response plans.

(3)        Training and equipment for first aid and CPR.

(4)        Implementation of a lay rescuer AED program.

(b)        In addition, for each State building, facility, or institution there shall be developed and periodically updated a maintenance plan that takes the following into account:

(1)        Implementation of an appropriate training course in the use of AEDs, including the role of CPR.

(2)        Proper maintenance and testing of the devices.

(3)        Ensuring coordination with appropriate licensed professionals in the oversight of training of the devices.

(4)        Ensuring coordination with local emergency medical systems regarding the placement of AEDs in State buildings, facilities, or institutions where such devices are to be used.  (2012-198, s. 3(a), (b).)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014