North Carolina General Statutes § 143B-51 Functions of the Department

(a)        The functions of the Department of Cultural Resources shall comprise, except as otherwise expressly provided by the Executive Organization Act of 1973 or by the Constitution of North Carolina, all executive functions of the State in relation to the development and preservation of libraries, historical records, sites and property, and of an appreciation of art and music and further including those prescribed powers, duties, and functions enumerated in Article 17 of Chapter 143A of the General Statutes of this State.

(b)        All such functions, powers, duties, and obligations heretofore vested in any agency enumerated in Article 17 of Chapter 143A of the General Statutes are hereby transferred to and vested in the Department of Cultural Resources except as otherwise provided by the Executive Organization Act of 1973. They shall include, by way of extension and not of limitation, the functions of:

(1)        The Secretary and Department of Art, Culture and History;

(2)        The State Department of Archives and History;

(3)        The North Carolina Advisory Council on Historic Preservation;

(4)        The North Carolina State Library;

(5)        The Interstate Library Compact;

(6)        The North Carolina Museum of Art;

(7)        Repealed by Session Laws 2012-120, s. 1(c), effective October 1, 2012.

(8)        The North Carolina Symphony Society, Inc.;

(9)        The State Art Museum Building Commission;

(10)      The Library Certification Board;

(11)      The Tryon Palace Commission;

(12)      The North Carolina Arts Council;

(13)      The U.S.S. North Carolina Battleship Commission;

(14)      The Memorials Commission;

(15)      The Commission to Promote Plans for the Celebration of the Four Hundredth Anniversary of the Landing of Sir Walter Raleigh's Colony on Roanoke Island;

(16)      The Executive Mansion Fine Arts Commission;

(17)      The North Carolina American Revolution Bicentennial Commission;

(18)      The North Carolina Awards Commission;

(19)      The Tobacco Museum Board;

(20)      The Roanoke Island Historical Association, Inc.;

(21)      The Sir Walter Raleigh Memorial Commission;

(22)      The Governor Richard Caswell Memorial Commission;

(23)      The Historic Swansboro Commission;

(24)      The Edenton Historical Commission;

(25)      The Historic Bath Commission;

(26)      The Historic Hillsborough Commission;

(27)      The John Motley Morehead Memorial Commission;

(28)      The Historic Murfreesboro Commission;

(29)      The Charles B. Aycock Memorial Commission;

(30)      The Frying Pan Lightship Marine Museum Commission;

(31)      The Guilford County Bicentennial Commission;

(32)      The Daniel Boone Memorial Commission;

(33)      The Bennett Place Memorial Commission;

(34)      The Durham-Orange Historical Commission;

(35)      The Pitt County Historical Commission;

(36)      The Transylvania County Historical Commission;

(37)      The Lenoir County Historical and Patriotic Commission;

(38)      The Raleigh Historic Sites Commission; and

(39)      The Stonewall Jackson Memorial Fund.  (1973, c. 476, s. 31; 2012-120, s. 1(c).)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014