North Carolina General Statutes § 143C-8-10 Project Reserve Account

(a)        Project Reserve Account. - There is established a Project Reserve Account. When a construction contract is entered for a capital improvement project for which the General Assembly has enacted an appropriation, the appropriation is encumbered for the project's costs of real property acquisition, planning, design, site development, construction, contingencies, and other related costs. If the amount appropriated for the project exceeds the amount encumbered, the excess shall be credited to the Project Reserve Account, unless otherwise required by law. The Director may authorize funds in the Account to be used for any of the following:

(1)        An emergency repair and renovation project at a State facility.

(2)        The award of a project contract when bids for the contract exceed the amount appropriated for it if the project was designed within the scope intended by the appropriation and if the Director finds that all means to award the contract within the appropriation were reasonably attempted.

(3)        A reversion to the principal fund from which revenue was appropriated for a project when the amount encumbered for the project is less than the amount appropriated.

(b)        Reporting Requirement. - Whenever the Director authorizes the use of funds from the Project Reserve Account, the Director shall report the action to the Joint Legislative Commission on Governmental Operations at its next meeting. (2006-203, s. 3; 2007-117, s. 6.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014