North Carolina General Statutes § 147-64.12 Conflict of interest

(a)        To preserve the independence and objectivity of the audit function, the Auditor and his employees may not, unless otherwise expressly authorized by statute, serve in any capacity on an administrative board, commission, or agency of government of a political subdivision of the State or any other organization that, under the provisions of this act, they have the responsibility or authority to audit. Nor shall they have a material, direct or indirect financial, or other economic interest in the transactions of any State agency.

(b)        The Auditor shall not conduct an audit on a program or activity for which he had management responsibility or in which he has been employed during the preceding two years. The General Assembly shall otherwise provide for the necessary audit of programs and activities within the meaning of this subsection.

If the Auditor's hotline receives a report of allegations of improper governmental activities in a program or activity that the Auditor is prohibited by this subsection from auditing, the Hotline Manager shall transmit the report to the Legislative Services Officer or his designee. The report shall retain the same confidentiality after transmittal to the General Assembly that it had in the possession of the Auditor. (1983, c. 913, s. 2; 1993, c. 152, s. 1; 1996, 2nd Ex. Sess., c. 18, s. 8(n).)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014